About Lost Shoe Ranch

It all started with chickens and a lost flip flop.....
The Lost Shoe Ranch was founded by Sherry McEwan in August 2014. Interestingly enough, the founder didn't set out to have a farm. It just sort of happened to her.  The name came about after a brand new flip flop mysteriously disappeared the  day they moved out to the ranch. The shoe has yet to be found, and is credited to inspiring the name "The Lost Shoe Ranch".  

Sherry has 18 acres of land.  A trusted friend advised Sherry to have something on her land that was related to agriculture and there could be benefits in the way of possible tax credits. Thus, she figured she could raise chickens. However, her supplier encouraged Sherry to start raising goats.

Sherry admits that she eventually grew to love the goats. She found great fulfillment in seeing the goats roaming around her vast land.

Located just over 50 miles East of the Dallas area in Texas, The Lost Shoe Ranch is an ecologically attuned and fully sustainable goat farm It spans 18 acres of prime land, where the goats roam freely and enjoy humane treatment.

The Lost Shoe Ranch is committed to protecting the environment. As such, it makes sure that everything that is done at the farm doesn't deplete natural resources or disrupt the natural rhythm of the environment. Indeed, The Lost Shoe Ranch's decision to raise goats is in keeping with its Earth-first mindset. The Lost Shoe Ranch is steadfast and focused on :
  • Sustainable Practices 
  • Humane Goat Treatment 
  • Superb Farm Products
  • Nurturing Customer Service

If you are interested in learning more about The Lost Shoe Ranch or would like additional information about goat breeding, Please call Sherry at (214) 982-1610   or
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